Chizma Tea is the fulfillment of brother and sister duo, Ralston and Amanda De Zilva.  Originally from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, their combined passion and the dream of offering the finest Ceylon tea brought the two together as partners.

Born and raised surrounded by magnificent tea estates which produce the finest Pure Ceylon Tea, they felt fortunate to personally experience the many vibrant flavours of this world renowned tea.  Both Amanda and Ralston have lived in Winnipeg, Canada for the last seven years and were inspired by their home to share the amazing taste and flavour of Pure Ceylon Tea with Canada’s tea lovers.

Currently the agent for one of the top ten tea exporters of Sri Lanka, Mabroc Teas, Amanda and Ralston sought the guidance and expertise of the finest tea traders in order to bring the best known Pure Ceylon tea to Canda. Chizma offers beautifully packaged collections ranging from black tea infusions  green tea infusions, herbal tea, flavoured and many other exciting blends

A Message from Amanda and Ralston

At Chizma Tea we are committed to delivering exceptional service and high quality ingredients to all of our customers.   We work diligently to provide innovative, creative, and affordable quality tea for your enjoyment.


Amanda and Ralston