Feel the Taste

Far from being just a scenic wonder, the panoramic tea gardens of Sri Lanka provide a countless number of blends and single garden tea of premium value. Most are situated at elevations between 3,000 and 8,000 feet, which span the lush mountains of the central highlands and the fertile plains of the southern inland areas of the island. Sri Lankan tea possesses unique and specific characteristics of quality and taste attributed to geographical origin and unique manufacturing practices.


2 thoughts on “Feel the Taste

  1. Dee Dao says:

    I’m a regular CHIZMA TEA customer. And the reason why I keep coming back is because I feel very confident knowing where they produce their teas and knowing that I’m getting the best of the best!! So far my most favourites are the Oriental Nights and Soursop and Guave Green teas. They both taste deliciously sweet and aromatic, not to mentioned drinking pure tea with natural ingredients have lots of health benefits too!! I love their teas so much tha I’ve already ordered 10 teas to gift to my friends. I’m sure they’ll all enjoy them as much as I do

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